16 Oct

Senate Bill 578

Mr. Miller Thank you for reaching out to Senator Stefano and thank you for your service to this nation. As Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee, Sen. Stefano brought up Senate Bill 578, a Constitutional Amendment that would provide a property tax exemption for spouses of soldiers killed in action – just like the Commonwealth does for 100 percent disabled veterans. Senate Bill 578 would also eliminate the requirement that an injury occur only in “war time.” Finally, it would exclude disability income when calculating one’s income to qualify for the exemption. This measure was unanimously reported from the Committee and awaits further action by the full Senate. Please note that a Constitutional Amendment must be passed in both the House and Senate in two consecutive sessions before being approved by the electorate. It is our hope – with the general support of the Administration, State Veterans Commission, and leaders in the House – that this will be the Session that we see significant change to this important program. Please feel free to reach out for updates on this legislation.

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